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Ultrasound Guided Shockwave

Both shockwave and diagnostic ultrasound are rapidly growing in popularity. Ultrasound guided shockwave combines accurate imaging with powerful & effective rehabilitation technology. Discover how this technique can improve the accuracy of your diagnosis & treatments to better your patient & clinical outcomes.

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Management of Scarring

Do you currently see orthopaedic, post-natal or cosmetic scarring? Enhance your scarring treatments with LymphaTouch.

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Lymphoedema is an issue which affects approximately 140,000 people in the UK. Our solutions aid in both early detection of the condition as well as managing it.

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Hand Therapy

The hand is one of the most complex parts of the body. It has a major impact on activities of daily living and our solutions help to keep the hand as functional as possible.

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Shockwave Therapy

The PiezoWave2 is the only focused, linear shockwave device that directly targets trauma tissue to induce biological repair mechanisms at a cellular level and hence treat pain and damaged soft tissue.

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Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

Our Cosmetics Solution offers a simple, cost effective technique for Lymphatic Drainage and scar treatment – improving outcomes of cosmetic procedures. We need to be offering more treatments to aid the body remove waste and recover quickly and efficiently from cosmetic procedures as well as provide unique, advanced and tailored treatments for our clients.

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Fluid Analysis

Fluid status and body composition is one of the most important aspects of fitness and health. Our solutions offer early detection of an improper balance in body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention.

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Most causes of Erectile Dysfunction are related to blood supply to the penis. Focused shockwave makes it possible to comprehensively and quickly address this.

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Burns Therapy

To recover successfully from burns, controlled functional activities and movement must start immediately.

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