Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical analysis is crucial for injury prevention and enhanced performance

Biomechanical analysis plays a crucial role in both injury prevention as well as performance enhancement. Physical performance has always been assessed by quantity: higher, faster, further. Now, we need qualitative parameters to assess movement coordination, symmetry and efficiency. It is important for people of all ages and skill levels to understand the importance of education to develop proper mechanics.


Noraxon have been producing research grade biomechanical analysis systems for over 25 years. The system allows you to work with surface EMG, Video Analysis, 3D Motion and Pressure analysis in one complete lab or in modular. The new portable lab allows you to conduct your analysis in the field but still with research grade data. We would recommend attending one of our training workshops which can either be at one of our venues or on site with you.

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Biomechanical analysis

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