Cosmetics Non Surgical Procedures

“Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have risen by 15% globally in the past 4 years.”

Clients are looking for alternative, non-invasive, affordable procedures (such as the LymphaTouch) to treat problems like periorbital oedema.

What are the problems we are facing?

In the cosmetics sector, many cosmetic problems are addressed by surgical procedures. These invasive procedures can lead to unforeseen complications and undesired results as well as being expensive.

What can we do?

More people are looking for non-surgical alternatives (such as the LymphaTouch) to treat their cosmetic problems, which are more affordable and have less complications but are as effective as cosmetic surgery.

Our cosmetics solution offers a simple, cost effective technique to improve and enhance cosmetic procedures such as Cryosculpting, as well as providing a safe, affordable, alternate treatment for conditions such as periorbital oedema (swelling) and non-surgical rhinoplasty. This means our clients get the look they want without having to undergo surgery.

How does it help me?

The unique offering of LymphaTouch is that it allows a non-invasive, comfortable, effective treatment for periorbital oedema.

LymphaTouch has been proven to work effectively for periorbital oedema with patients seeing full fluid drainage from around the eyes within 6 treatments over 4-6 weeks.

Currently, the only offering for this cosmetic problem is surgery, but LymphaTouch now provides a comfortable, non-invasive and more affordable option for your clients to solve their eye swelling.

LymphaTouch also enhances results from procedures such as, Cryosculpting and non-surgical rhinoplasty by stimulating the lymphatic system. This helps the body remove bruising, waste fluid or fat cells, therefore, getting results quicker.

Treatment Journey

Sub-orbital oedema pathway:

– 6 sessions in 4 – 6 weeks

– 20 – 40 min sessions

– Recommended 3 – 4 month follow up treatment sessions


Recommended post-surgery pathway:

– 6 – 8 sessions within 12 weeks post-surgery (dependent on procedure)

– 30 – 40 min treatments

– Recommend follow up treatment sessions until patient is satisfied

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