Cosmetics Surgical Procedures

“Over 28,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in 2017”.

The most common problems following these procedures are; Haematoma, Scarring, General Appearance Dissatisfaction and Swelling.

What are the problems we are facing?

In the cosmetics sector, scarring and oedema has a major impact on people’s appearance, health and well-being. Currently, there are more surgeries and procedures taking place, and there is limited access to post-procedure care.

What can we do?

Our Cosmetics Solution offers a simple, cost effective technique for to improve and enhance the results of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures as well as being its own treatment for conditions such as sub-orbital oedema.

We need to be offering more advanced aftercare treatments to aid the body recover efficiently from cosmetic procedures, and offer non-surgical alternatives to solve our client’s cosmetic problems. You can provide this with LymphaTouch and provide tailored treatments for your clients.

With an increase in cosmetic procedures around the UK, there is opportunity to expand your service to enhance your treatment offerings and revenue.

How does it help me?

Using LymphaTouch post-operatively will enhance the results of surgery as well as reducing rates of revision surgeries.

LymphaTouch can be used after;

– Vaso-liposuction

– Augmentation surgery

– Abdominoplasty

– Rhinoplasty

LymphaTouch is used following these surgical procedures to;

– Reduce bruising

– Reduce swelling

– Relieve pain

– Minimise secondary issues e.g. unhealed wound, fibrosis

Surgical aftercare typically consists of 4 – 6 post-surgical LymphaTouch treatments at varying time points. This not only improves surgical outcomes, but allows you to provide an all-round advanced clinical service and generates a new revenue stream.

Treatment Journey

Sub-orbital oedema pathway:

– 6 sessions in 4 – 6 weeks

– 20 – 40 min sessions

– Recommended 3 – 4 month follow up treatment sessions


Recommended post-surgery pathway:

– 6 – 8 sessions within 12 weeks post-surgery (dependent on type of procedure)

– 30 – 40 min treatments

– Recommended regular follow up treatment sessions until patient is satisfied

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