Hand Therapy

“76,054 non-fatal injuries occurred at work in 12 months costing the economy around £14.3 billion due to absence from work”.

The Annual Health and Safety Statistics report 2016

What are the problems we are facing?

As the hand is one of the most complex pieces of natural engineering, when injured, it is important to get back to function as best and quickly as possible. The impact of hand injuries is huge on the economy;

  • Estimated 17,500 hand injuries a year
  • Costs the UK economy around £3.2 billion a year
  • Average absence from work is 7 days
  • 23% of injuries are caused by handling, lifting or carrying

One of the biggest challenges is that each injury is unique and treatments must be individualised to achieve the best possible outcome. (Ferreira and Fowler, 2015)

What can we do?

Our hand therapy solution has been developed with leading centres in the UK and internationally to allow you to provide a more individualised service to hand trauma patients. Taking some of the leading technologies we can help you deliver;

  • A customised, objective, evidence based rehabilitation service
  • Advanced scar management treatments
  • An Innovative oedema management treatment

Using the BTE Primus RS we can objectively test and functionally rehab our hand therapy patients in a simple, controlled, evidence based format. We can customise your testing and treatment to replicate different real-life scenarios to support the patient’s journey back to activities of daily living (ADLs).

Applying LymphaTouch and HawkGrips, allows us to treat oedema and scar restrictions in a comfortable and innovative approach. We work with the body’s systems to improve tissue healing and function to aid a patient’s return to ADLs.

How does it help me?

With the Primus we can be more objective with our assessments and rehabilitation. We can;

  • Showcase the success of our rehabilitation,
  • Set patient specific goals
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Provide controlled functional rehabilitation
  • All specific to the patients’ needs

Our scar and oedema management package allows you to;

  • Approach complex cases with proven methods for treating excess oedema and scar restrictions
  • Remove the strain on the clinician’s hands
  • Improve clinical outcome
Objective Assessment and Rehabilitation

BTE PrimusRS

  • Isometric and Isotonic testing and rehab
  • CPM – Continuous passive motion capability
  • Isokinetic testing and rehab
  • Replicate any movement or functional activity e.g. steering, lifting,
  • Single joint and multiple joint testing
  • Live data feedback

Using the Primus as part of “Comprehensive Hand therapy aided restoration of adequate sensation and strength for functional use of the replanted hand.” (Sturm et. al. 2014)

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Hand Therapy
Scar and Oedema Management

Targeted Negative Pressure Massage


  • Dilate lymphatic capillaries to encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Lifts and expands the tissue, instead of push and compress
  • Vertical stretching of fascia
  • Provide torsional forces on the tissue by twisting
  • Results are often instantly measurable

“LymphaTouch negative pressure technique treats oedema more effectively than traditional manual lymph drainage therapy. It caused larger decreases in the oedematous volume of muscle tissue (7%) and in tissue stiffness (9.2%).” (Vuorinen et. al. 2013)

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation


  • Quicker detection of restrictions in soft tissue
  • Quicker and easier to break up tissue densities
  • Helps reduce and heal scar tissue
  • Significant increases in range of motion
  • Treats acute and chronic conditions
  • Decreased pain for patient
  • Easier on therapists hands

“IASTM shows benefits in improving AROM, disability scores and pain when used to treat dysfunctioning soft tissue.” (Baker et. al. 2013).

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NHS Healthcare

As part of the NHS, we are looking to find new solutions which reduce the costs of the services and get patients back to activities of daily living quicker. By investing in the solutions we offer, you will be able to reduce the costs of hand injury in your area and improve the clinical outcomes. We can support you building a business case and ROI model which will be tailored to your clinic and CCG/Trust.

Private Healthcare

In private healthcare, we are always looking to find new innovative ways to treat and manage our patients that sets us apart from everyone else. The solutions we offer can really push and grow your business and make you stand out from the other services available. We can work with you in building an ROI model tailored to your business. To discuss the options, contact us.

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