Neck Pain

Complement manual therapy with objective, evidence-based evaluation, to drive the progression of cervical spine rehabilitation

Neck and back pain is an increasingly widespread and expensive condition worldwide, costing the US alone $88bn a year – the third highest bill for any health condition. Research shows that more than half of British adults have had back or neck pain after using their phones or computers and whiplash Associated Disorders (WADs) cost the UK £2 billion per year.

Like any other muscle group, the neck and back are weakened by injury. Weakness causes progressive pain and reduce range of motion. Physiquipe’s solutions target the underlying cause of pain and stiffness through a combination of objective assessment and strengthening of the cervical spine and soft tissue management.

We offer the most effective and complete systems for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD), and general cervical spine disorders.

Our technology guides therapists through objective evidence-based evaluation and treatment with an easy to follow validated protocol. Unique graphical and narrative reporting demonstrates Range of Motion and Strength improvement and progression over treatment, complementing manual therapy with objectivity to drive the progression of cervical spine rehab.

Objective Assessment & Rehabilitation

We target the underlying cause of pain and stiffness through the unique BTE Multi-Cervical unit.  Research has shown the MCU to be successful in reducing pain for people with generalised neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD) , cervical disc disease, neck strains, repetitive work related injuries, arthritis and tension headaches.


The BTE MCU is an evidence based tool which objectively evaluates cervical active range of motion (ROM) and isometric strength in multiple different positions. It allows you to precisely measure your patients neck strength and mobility to pinpoint the route of their pain. These measurements are used to create an individualised dynamic strength program that is performed on the machine under guidance by a Kinesiologist and a Physiotherapist. Based on data generated, you can give the correct dose of treatment to strengthen the neck, complementing manual therapy with objectivity to drive the progression of cervical spine rehabilitation.

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Soft Tissue & Pain Management

Soft Tissue management is a core component of neck and back pain. We have developed tools and treatment methods to give the best outcomes whilst reducing strain on the therapist.

Focused Shockwave

Focused shockwave is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints. Focused shockwave describes the use of acoustic waves to target tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate tissue resulting in a focused and precise deep tissue massage. The results of the mechanical stimulus delivered by focused shockwave can lead to increased circulation and pain relief – key components in the healing process.

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HawkGrips are Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation tools. IASTM is an increasingly popular treatment method used by clinicians around the world. The tools are used to increase range of motion, treat acute and chronic conditions, reduce need for medication and surgery and decreased pain.

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Targeted Negative Pressure Massage

LymphaTouch is a negative pressure device which allows vertical and horizontal stretching of the fascial (connective tissue) structures, expanding the space for circulation of blood and lymph. The results of LymphaTouch therapy are immediately measurable as reduced swelling, reduced pain and improved range of motion.

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