Running Analysis

Using a highly sensitive instrumented treadmill as a diagnostic to get to the root of your walking/running pain, or to maximise performance.

Biomechanical analysis plays a crucial role in both injury prevention as well as performance enhancement. The running analysis lab combines the latest pressure and video technology to measure balance, stability, pressure, gravity stride length and abnormalities whilst walking/running with live feedback.

The real time data received by the video and instrumented treadmill will help therapists make data driven decisions to improve running style, shoe selection and conditioning programmes. The treadmill can help those with:

      • Pain when walking/running
      • Running dysfunction causing pain
      • Pain in hip/knee and ankle when walking/running
      • ITB syndrome
      • Patella fermoral syndrome
      • Differences in running with shoes on vs. shoes off
      • Maximise running performance
      • Post surgical

Noraxon Instrumented Pressure Treadmill

The analysis of force and pressure distribution during standing and walking can be completed in less than 30 seconds. All pressure, spatial, and temporal parameters are compared in an easy-to-read report that also provides side-by-side comparisons.

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Biomechanical analysis

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