Most causes of Erectile Dysfunction are related to blood supply to the penis. Focused shockwave makes it possible to comprehensively and quickly address this.

We provide the latest, research-backed technology in the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction.

Linear focused shockwave therapy using PiezoWave2 is a quick and painless modality, that works on the principle of stimulating the bodies biological self-repair processes. With a full course of treatments spanning 4-6 sessions over 3 weeks, often charged between £175-500 per session, a strong return on investment is achieved from a leasing cost of as little as £135 per week.

A multicentre, placebo-controlled study of 75 patients found that treatment was successful in 81.3% of patients, as measured and defined by IIEF scores.

Focused Shockwave

Focused shockwave is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction (ED). Based on sufficient evidence, low-energy focused shockwave therapy is one of the first-line therapies in the EAU guidelines.

The advancement of piezo technology devised a therapy source with a linear focusing therapy source. In conjunction with the new optimised therapy concept of the LSTC-ED (Syn Volume ESWT-ED), the application technique and the therapeutic results have been significantly improved.

The linear focused shockwave in combination with a piezo therapy source makes it possible for the first time to quickly and comprehensively treat the entire course of the corpora cavernosa. ELvation have devoted the utmost care to the research and clinical release of this procedure. A prospective, multi centre placebo-controlled study of 75 patients showed a marked improvement in the IIEF-5 score and successful treatment in 81.3% of patients after one month of treatment. Functional improvement was demonstrated 6 months after treatment and demonstrates the long-term effect of LSTC-ED treatment.



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Return on Investment

Standard practice indicates that 4-6 treatments are usually required to target and address the source of the problem. At present private clinics across the UK charging between £175 to £500 per 20-30 minute treatment. We are able to work with you to map out and tailor a business case with a strong return on investment for your clinic, as well as assist with marketing strategies.

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