Uses of Negative Pressure Therapy in Medicine Today

In the recent years, negative pressure therapy has emerged as a “go to” approach by clinicians for lymphatic drainage and scar management. Here is all you need to know about it. 

Negative pressure therapy, also known as myofascial decompression therapy uses negative pressure to increase lymphatic drainage, break down scar restrictions and release tight fascia. 

Uses of negative pressure therapy

It can be used in various medical procedures: 

  1. Lymphatic therapy: If one has damaged lymph nodes or they have been removed can impact how lymph fluid drains. This builds up fluid and can lead to swelling. Negative pressure therapy using a lymphatic drainage machine or myofascial decompression therapy device can be used to release this fluid.
  2. Scar management: The use of negative pressure therapy is also well established to manage chronic, open, contaminated wounds as it in healing of tissue. The use of negative pressure therapy using scar management machine is also known to reduce chances of infection after surgery. Hence, it is often used in instance of surgeries that have a high-risk of infection in the post-surgical period. Negative pressure therapy is also used in fascial treatments.

In addition to the above, the use of negative pressure therapy has also expanded in orthopaedics, cosmetic & beauty therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractor, osteopathy, etc. 

Benefits of negative pressure therapy

The widespread use of negative pressure therapy is because of its very many advantages for clinicians and patients alike. For patients, the therapy is pain less, quickens recovery, reduces oedema, known to improve blood flow, enhances production of collagen and breaks down scar tissue. 

For doctors, negative pressure therapy has become the ideal solution has It reduces the time spent on massaging especially in case of lymphatic drainage massage by replacing the process with a machine. Moreover, it reduces pressure on their hands and wrists. It is safe and effective. Since it has a variety if uses, it is a cost-effective and efficient investment for any health care centre. 

Choosing the right negative pressure therapy device

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