PiezoWave2 for the Treatment of Vascular ED

Linear focused shockwave is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of vascular ED and other urological conditions. It is a first-line therapy in the EAU guidelines, based on sufficient evidence.For the first time, PiezoWave2’s new linear LSTC-ED technique has improved application, providing immediate and long-term results with research exhibiting an effectiveness in 81.3% of patients.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with PiezoWave2 Device. Application of Low Intensity Shockwaves Using Novel Linear Shockwave Tissue Coverage (LSTC-ED®) technique. A Prospective, Multicentric, Placebo-controlled. Study. Dr. Motil I. 1, Dr.Kubis I. 2, Dr. Sramkova T. 3.


Features of PiezoWave2:

  • Guaranteed to 5 million pulses (most economical shockwave system on the market)
  • Specialist ED treatment rack for easy set up and delivery of treatment
  • Clinical trolley
  • Worldwide unique linear focused therapy source, using LSTC-ED technique
  • Access to the Dr Motil algorithm for easy treatment protocol guideline: Algorithm
  • Precise and adjustable penetration depths (using the interchangeable gel pads, 0 – 40mm)
  • Only shockwave to use direct focusing (no energy loss)
  • Freely adjusted intensity level with no impact on focal size
  • Plug and play


Benefits to the patient:

  • Tolerable treatment modality, a non-invasive alternative to surgery – carried out without anaesthesia
  • No known side effects or recovery required
  • Short treatment plan (can be performed 2 x week over 3 weeks) and immediate long-lasting results
  • Addresses the route of the problem, rather than the symptom


Benefits for the clinician:

  • Research-backed modality that broadens your treatment offering
  • A treatment that bridges the patient gap between PDE-5 inhibitors and surgery
  • Quick treatment sessions because of the advanced LSTC technique (5-10 minutes each)
  • Low noise level
  • Easy user interface (plug-and-play) with standard treatment protocols
  • Extremely durable, so low maintenance costs
  • Simple ROI


Product Information

Andrology Applications Information




  • Vascular erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Chronic pelvic pain (CPPS)
  • Peyronie’s disease (IPP), NICE accredited: Click here.
  • Post prostatitis

*We also see specialist urologists getting positive results for post prostatitis. Patient carefully selected.


Pricing and Return on Investment:

Standard practice indicates that a full treatment course spans 4 – 6 (usually 6) sessions, targeting and addressing the source of the problem. It is seen as the intermediate between PDE-5 inhibitors (drugs) and surgery, so is an attractive non-invasive option that is very appealing to the customer.

Private clinics and hospitals across the UK are currently charging an average of £300 – £500 per 20 – 30 minute treatment session, a strong return on investment achieved from a leasing cost (figures stated below). As standard, most clinics offer their urology package for 6 sessions including initial consultation. This varies and sits roughly between £2,000 – £3,000 + for the course, depending on the site.


Leasing (approximate costs):