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New sports medicine facility invests in Alpinion

We are delighted to be working with Dr Robertson at his very impressive new facility in Fylde, Lancashire. We have been aware of Duncan’s name within sports medicine for a number of years, so it is great to be a part of his new business. We have sold several Alpinion diagnostic ultrasound systems to both elite sports and private clinics over the last couple of months, so it is very exciting that we have such an experienced user using Alpinion. We are looking forward to working with Dr Robertson and his team in the years to come.

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I first picked up a mulsculo-skeletal ultrasound (MskUS) probe as a no-experience-novice in 2003, using a peppercorn-rent loaned ancient Phillips Ultramark. Fond memories of this as it “got me going” – without it I might never have progressed.

Over the ensuing 17 years I have been involved in learning, postgrad qualification (2006)/teaching and mentoring – and throughout, msk ultrasound has remained a challenging peak that never quite lets you reach the summit. Maybe the never-ending wrestling of capabilities and outcomes with MskUS is one of the attractions for any “forever curious clinician”.

Moving into a new clinic was the perfect time to upgrade our decade-old portable equipment, and with tight reins on funding, we had to think and look long and hard before committing to a new bit of kit that would be crucial to our service delivery.


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We considered various of the more well-known brands before we went with the Alpinion –  then I made the decision after looking at the full package of options and hardware – and it being recommended by two trusted and well-respected colleagues who are long-experienced in using multiple brands/machines. And we knew that we had to balance the capabilities of the equipment with what we needed day to day to examine accessible skeletal structures and not break the bank in the process. Alpinion ticked all the boxes. Affordable. Excellent Quality. And an excellent range of options.

I have been very impressed with the image quality and the system is intuitive to use, with rapid and helpful customer support for any questions about systems and optimising user/kit interface to get the best out of the machine.


I would strongly recommend looking at Alpinion for anyone working within a sports medicine or MSK clinic.


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