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Periorbital Oedema Management: Case Study Review

Physiquipe has been working with ASthetics clinic in Manchester to produce real life case studies for conditions such as periorbital oedema.

Article written by Stacey Wyton, Aesthetics Specialist Nurse and Clinic Director at ASthetics

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Physiquipe has been working with ASthetics clinic in Manchester to produce real-life case studies for conditions such as periorbital oedema. Stacey Wyton, the clinic director, and an aesthetics specialist nurse saw some limitations when treating this type of issue and found LymphaTouch provided a comfortable, non-invasive, and more affordable option for her clients to solve their eye swelling.

Common patient complaints of periorbital oedema:

“I have baggy eyes that me look tired”

“My eye bags get me down”

“In the morning, my eyes are so puffy and it only gets a little better throughout the day”

“My eyes feel heavy”

Previous management for practitioners at the ASthetics clinic for periorbital oedema consisted of plasma sublimination and injectable filler. However, there has been an increased focus to combat the underlying issues rather than using treatments to cover up the symptoms.

When lymph circulation is impaired, cellular waste builds up in and around the cells, which can cause swelling, puffiness and even bags under the eyes. These wastes can be moved out through Lymphatic Drainage techniques. LymphaTouch applies a decompression effect to the tissues that allow the lymphatics to open and stimulate the body’s natural drainage system. Stimulating the lymph contributes to a quicker healing response and reduces the swelling and inflammation that can ultimately help to diminish facial pain and puffiness.

Case Study 1

  • Female, 74 years old
  • Increased oedema following a facelift (6 months post)
  • 6 x sessions within 4 weeks, 1 x session 4 weeks later


Problematic oedema reduced but left with excess skin due to ageing and sun damage. Occasionally reports morning swelling, but reduces over the day which highlights the lymphatic system working. Treatment has improved the lymphatic system which has promoted a long-term effect.


Before and After Eyebag

Before and After Eyebag


Case Study 2

  • Male
  • A pocket of fluid to the medial aspect of the under eye
  • 1 x session 30-40 minutes in length


An instant reduction of fluid to the problem area. Improved appearance to under eye. Reports a lasting effect of the 1 session but would like more treatment. Covid-19 restrictions halted sessions at this stage but the client will return for further treatment.

Before and After Eyebag

Before and After Eyebag

Case Study 3

  • Young female
  • Oedema to under-eye – problem in the morning
  • 1 x session 30 minutes in length


2 hours after, the client saw the biggest result and felt saw a difference the following morning. COVID-19 restricted further sessions. Further treatment is required as well as addressing hollowing that the client has been left with.

Pre, post and 2 hours later

Pre, post and 2 hours later

Case Study 4

  • Female
  • Upper lid and under eye oedema
  • 6 x sessions + 1 x 4-week session


Great under eye results and continuing treatments for the upper lid. The client noticed changes – “more awake”, “eyes feel more open”, “less heavy”. Happy with progress so far.

Before and After Eyebag V4


ASthetics practitioners are now incorporating LymphaTouch into regular treatments for periorbital oedema. They have found many benefits from addressing the underlying causes and stimulating the body’s Lymphatic system. The following treatment recommendations have been suggested:

  • 6 x treatments within 3 – 4 weeks
  • 1 x 4 weekly top-up
  • Top up treatments every 12 – 16 weeks
  • 1 treatment time lasts for 30 – 40mins

Benefits for both patients and clinicians have included:

For patients:

  • Reduced oedema
  • Improved aesthetic outcome
  • Non-invasive
  • Comfortable and relaxing treatment
  • No downtime needed
  • Improved subjective measures
  • Instant and long-term effects

For clinician:

  • Cost-effective
  • Improved objective results
  • Consistent treatments – selected pressures
  • Quick and easy to learn to use
  • Attracts new customers
  • Provides a forward-thinking, innovative treatment
  • Improve pre and post-procedural care

Watch the full webinar below:


  • Presenting complaints – 04:16
  • Previous management & alternative treatments – 05:09
  • Plasma sublimination case study – 06:55
  • Case Studies – using LymphaTouch – 09:50
  • Treatment process – 18:51


  • Is this a common condition you see and what is the typical patient group? – 24:17
  • Do the results differ with acute and chronic fluid build-up? – 27:33
  • What are the lifestyle contributions to this condition? – 30:10
  • What is LymphaTouch? – 33:41
  • Can you use LymphaTouch in conjunction with other treatment methods? – 36:05
  • How easy is LymphaTouch to learn? – 38:58
  • What has the patient feedback been? – 41:34
  • What benefits have you found using the LymphaTouch in your clinic? – 48:40
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