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How can the LymphaTouch be applied in amputee rehabilitation?

LymphaTouch offers a simple, cost effective solution to reduce residual limb oedemas, improve scar tissue mobility + reduce pain in amputee rehabilitation.

Following amputation of limbs, common complications include:

  • Residual limb oedema
  • Scarring and soft tissue contractures
  • Pain
  • Secondary issues with wounds

LymphaTouch is an enhanced lymphatic drainage device that utilises targeted negative pressure to increase lymphatic flow.

LymphaTouch compliments compression and offers a simple, cost-effective solution to reduce residual limb oedemas, improve scar tissue mobility, reduce pain and enhance the quality of the wound healing process.


  • Controlled targeted negative pressure (intermittent pulse & continuous settings)
  • Unique mechanical vibration
  • Simple user interface with built-in programmes
  • Variation of treatment cup sizes (10mm to 80mm)
  • Small, portable battery-operated device


Where does LymphaTouch fit within the BACPAR Clinical Guidelines?

Section 1 – The role of the physiotherapist within the multidisciplinary team Recommendations: 1.10 The physiotherapist, along with other professionals, should contribute in the management of residual limb wound healing.

– LymphaTouch is used to manage residual limb wound healing, so can be used by the specialist physiotherapist or other professionals who support the patient through their rehabilitation.

Section 6 – Post-operative management Recommendations: 6.1.1 Physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation should ideally start on the first day post-operatively.

– LymphaTouch can be used as early as 24 hours post-operatively to stimulate lymphatic flow. This, along with compression, helps with residual limb oedema.

– LymphaTouch is used for the treatment and prevention of contractures and can be considered as an appropriate, effective treatment modality for treating contractures for amputee patients. The LymphaTouch is being used successfully for contractures in; major trauma, burns, spinal injuries, complex trauma.


Return on Investment

This system is the latest technology to assist your staff and patients with improving clinical outcomes and helping to reduce cost:

  • Reduce re-admittance
  • Decrease number of sessions required
  • Patient compliance and self-management
  • Reduce session time
  • Reduce the use of consumable items (Liners)


Clinical Insight

“Most amputee patients are unique in their presentation, both from an anatomical and psychological perspective. Once surgery to remove a limb occurs, then the anatomy of the vascular and lymphatic system is disrupted which can give rise to complications in rehabilitation.

Using the LymphaTouch to address the swelling, both acute post-operatively and more chronic oedema, can bring a rapid relief to reducing the challenging comorbidities to this complex group of patients.

Decongesting tissue through negative pressure lymph drainage reduces pain, inflammation and expedites rehabilitation. Working both superficially and deeper in the tissues, the LymphaTouch addresses the mobility of the tissues assisting the healing process of scar management and facial tissue. It has made a lasting impact on the patient’s I treat.”

Mrs Justine C Whitaker MSc, RN

Director & Nurse Consultant (Northern Lymphology) and Senior Lecturer (University of Central Lancashire)

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