Life Stories Episode #15: Clint Hill

19 Views  •  24 May, 2021

Clint spent over 20 years as a professional footballer representing teams such as Tranmere Rovers, Stoke City, and Crystal Palace. Clint and I were in the same High School team and I remember very clearly how much he stood out back then, as a man in a boys team at 16. He talks about how he got his chance at Tranmere and how a leg break set his career back for several years. He was part of the QPR team that played against Manchester City when they won their first Premier League title and Clint gives his own perspective of the legendary Sergio Aguero goal. Clint was always a managers and fan’s favourite due to his work ethic and commitment, which meant he was captain of most of the teams he represented and won several fan’s player of the year awards. However, there was one big-name manager with who he didn’t have a great relationship with. It was fascinating to hear the story of how he got the chance to play for one of the biggest teams in Europe at the age of 37, AND score a goal in the Old Firm match at Celtic Park!! He has now moved into management and was recently working with Joey Barton as part of the Fleetwood team. It was great to catch up with Clint after so long, even if he didn’t credit me as one of the most inspirational players he played with…

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