Life Stories Episode #22: Ken Johnson

14 Views  •  17 Jun, 2021

This podcast is with one of my closest friends who is also Director of Outpatient Rehab Therapy Services at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Ken talks about how a brush with the law as a teenager was a pivotal point in his life that ultimately led to a career in physical therapy. His exposure to technology during this period and at his first job roles gave him a fascination for incorporating medical devices in to his clinical practice. This resulted in him moving from a clinical role to working for BTE Technologies as Director of Clinical Integration, which is where he and I first worked together. This enabled Ken to travel the world supporting clients with clinical application and justification of investment in technology. For the last 11 years Ken has been at Johns Hopkins achieving what he was told could never be done. This included growing the team 10 fold, opening 9 new clinical facilities while securing millions to invest in technology, and expanding patient care volumes from 14,000 to 140,000 visits annually.  Along side this Ken is a consultant for elite athletes from NFL, NBA and other sports. With the help of an amazing team, Ken has built a successful rehabilitation network of outpatient services on the three pillars of Talent, Training, and Technology. He is usually in the UK at least three times per year so hopefully he will be back at some point in 2021!

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