Life Stories Episode #84: Yehuda Shinar

5 Views  •  14 Sep, 2022

Yehuda Shinar is a graphologist, life coach, and the owner and CEO of the Shinar Institute, established in Israel in 1976. The institute’s expertise is in analysing and evaluating job candidates for managerial positions throughout the world.

In 1996, Shinar established Winning Enterprises Ltd after studying and investigating how some people seem to achieve a lot in their lives and others do not, especially in the sporting arena. Shinar and his colleagues used this information to develop a strategy for winning, focusing on their way of thinking, decision-making dynamic and one-on-one strategies.

In the sporting world, Shinar has worked with Sir Clive Woodward of the England rugby team, helping them to win the Rugby World Cup, Tony Falkner of Blackburn Rovers, allowing them to win the National Academy League, and the Maccabi Tel Aviv football club to help them qualify for the UEFA Champions League in 2004-2005.

Shinar is also involved in lecturing and fostering winning strategies for organisations within Israel and abroad, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Scottish Institute of Sport, Capital Radio and Nat West.

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