Life Stories Episode #24: Chris Myers

9 Views  •  24 May, 2021

Chris is one of the best-known and respected names in MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound in the UK. He explains that he wanted to be a physio from being a child and how happy he is that he made this decision. Chris told me the question he answered ‘wrong’ at his interview at Nottingham University meaning he wasn’t offered a place. He explained that although he always wanted to be a football physio, he thinks the fact he didn’t find a mentor at his time at Tottenham meant he didn’t pursue a career working for a football team. It was at Homerton hospital that Chris was first exposed to Diagnostic Ultrasound. Access to the technology combined with an equally enthusiastic and interested group of colleagues including helped Chris to understand the importance of peer learning. This is where SMUG was born and he explains how the group developed to the leading provider of ultrasound education. It was great to hear the appreciation Chris still has for Rob Laus and John Leddy in providing support in learning ultrasound skills.

Chris also talks about how they have taken Complete physio from a room in a gym to one of the leading (THE leading according to Chris :D) physiotherapy clinics in London. We will be seeing lots more of Chris and SMUG as demand for MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound continues to grow.

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